Find us at CoRETech 2019 – Using innovation to turn challenges into opportunities

I’m looking forward to CoRETech 2019, in Silicon Valley.    With talks on digitally transforming a corporate real estate portfolio, AI/machine learning, location based services,  creating immersive experiences, and digital twins, we will be in the midst of innovation, and bringing plenty of innovation to the table ourselves.

I expect this conference, looking at corporate real estate and facilities, will be very different than last week’s CRE Tech event in New York, with a focus on tenanted, commercial real estate.    There I found dozens of startups looking at tenant experience, leasing and brokerage apps, and real estate market analytics.    I expect CoRETech to be, as the tag line says, using innovation to turn your every day challenges into opportunities.

If you are attending, I’d love to connect and talk about your challenges in Smart buildings, predictive maintenance, facilities management, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, or just simply how can we sustainably operate and maintain buildings, on very tight budgets.    You can reach me at