News Release: QMC Partners with BuiltSpace on Buildings in the Cloud

QMC’s new commissioning app for meter technicians launches on BuiltSpace’s cloud platform.

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia – QMC continues to bring innovation to the utility submetering market in North America.  We are proud to announce our partnership with BuiltSpace Technologies Corp and the release of our new mobile commissioning and automated asset management app on the BuiltSpace cloud platform.

“Our new app will allow meter technicians in the field to access meter assets, perform inspections and automatically generate records of installations and maintenance logs from their handheld devices. This will increase our efficiency on-site, reduce errors and expedite the commissioning to as-built record process.” states James Easton, President & CEO, QMC.

QMC’s new app is more than just a commissioning software; it’s also an effective asset, service and document management tool.

“The BuiltSpace Platform has allowed us to digitize a number of manual processes and share our records and reports with our clients in the cloud in real-time. We look forward to rolling out this enhanced service to our customers across North America.”

“QMC, with their innovative MeterConnex™ cloud platform is the clear leader in reading and managing energy and water data across North America.  We are very excited to announce our partnership with QMC, bringing an integrated asset, commissioning, maintenance and energy platform to market.  We share a common vision to build smarter and more sustainable buildings and communities.” states Rick Rolston, President and CEO, BuiltSpace.

About QMC

QMC provides options to help building owners and occupants conserve utilities and save money through submetering a building’s utilities: electric, water, thermal and gas. We know that being able to access actionable data through utility monitoring will result in better building performance, utility conservation and help with achieving sustainability goals.

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About BuiltSpace

BuiltSpace Technologies Corp. fundamentally changes how buildings are managed, to reduce operating costs and improve building efficiency.   Our innovative software platform could be described as ‘LinkedIn for Buildings’, where people work together to improve operations, maintenance, safety, occupant experience, and sustainability.

BuiltSpace transforms the construction/facilities industry by digitizing the workflow between service providers, building owners, and other stakeholders.  We reduce or eliminate data-entry, gather better building information, and streamline management processes to increase building sustainability.

BuiltSpace, based in Vancouver, started operations in 2011 and has grown to have 24,000 buildings, with a rapidly developing partner ecosystem in Canada, the US, Australia, India and other global markets.

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