BuiltSpace Celebrates 1,000,000 Verified Service Interventions

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, -  On July 6th, 2023, 12:33PM local time, a frontline cleaner employed by Bee Clean Building Maintenance, serviced the family washroom on level 1 in the Shoppers Mall , Brandon Manitoba and  submitted their (time and location) verified service records via our mobile Service Twin(R) app.  This brief 5 minute "soft" cleaning service became the 1,000,000th service completed on our Service Twin(R) platform.

  These first million digital service interventions include a full range of construction and proactive facilities management services, ranging from electrical, mechanical, plumbing, energy & water metering, BAS and IoT device management, to soft services like security and janitorial.   Accelerating adoption of our disruptive Service Twin(R) technology means the next million services will be delivered in just a few months.

Put in perspective, one million traditional maintenance work orders would represent approximately 2,352 years worth of work (based on 1.7 work order produced per day).  Verification of each work order, prior to invoicing or payment can take up to 2.5 hours for accounting staff.   Using the Service Twin(R) platform and field service app, one million service transactions can now be completed and self verified with little administrative burden, using AI to monitor and schedule future interventions, while providing near real-time visibility to remote field services.   Field staff can now complete 25 or more service transactions per day, with real-time visibility to accurate, and detailed, verifiable asset-specific, service records.

For further information on our Service Twin(R) technology please visit https://builtspace.com.

About BuiltSpace


The BuiltSpace Service Twin(R) platform enables proactive digital supply chain management solutions across the complex ecosystem of manufacturers, service suppliers, construction contractors, specialty trades, and facility operators.

Our asset-centric services delivery model transforms traditional reactive manual work order workflow, with an easy to use, data-driven real-time processes, to improve operational efficiencies, reduce administrative and wasted service costs for building owners, managers, and service personnel.

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