Our direct response to COVID-19

We’re helping real estate & facilities operators proactively manage this unprecedented health and economic crisis 

Traditional sanitization processes are no longer good enough.

While social distancing is what we need to do today, facilities operators are faced with additional challenges to get facilities ready for when people can go back to work, travel, play or shop.  BuiltSpace brings people together, connecting facilities service chains, to enable a collaborative and proactive recovery plan.

Putting social distancing behind us will mean:

  • Better health & safety procedures for all stakeholders
  • Proactive high frequency, thorough, and verifiable team-based cleaning/sanitizing
  • Improved HVAC monitoring
  • Digital service transactions, as they happen
  • Progress tracking of health, safety and sanitization, with real-time reporting to all stakeholders

Here’s one example.   We can help you replace the traditional paper washroom checklist with our High Touch Cleaning Assurance solution, allowing facilities operators and tenants to see cleaning services from anywhere.

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