Cleaning Assurance

When was this space last cleaned and sanitized? Now you can know for sure.

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Return to class with confidence

Connect your classroom in seconds. Here’s a step by step guide on how you can accomplish this.
Our app lets you document daily health, safety and cleaning activities, and share other in-classroom concerns. Cleaners and facilities teams report real-time cleaning. Give parents, board and regulators visibility to facilities services.

Here's how it works

Step 1 - Subscription & set-up

  • Purchase a subscription and order your own highly durable & custom branded QR tag stickers.
  • Upload your data (buildings, spaces & assets) into the BuiltSpace platform.
  • Tag your spaces & assets with the QR codes that you receive in the mail (expedited delivery).
  • Your subscription will come with a set of out-of-the-box digital cleaning procedures but you may modify or create your own (this is fully customizable in our intuitive Procedure Designer tool).
BuiltSpace App

Step 2 - Start recording (and reviewing) your work

  • Using our app, start recording the work that is being performed.
  • Review detailed inspections, create standard reports, and create (public) interactive dashboards.

Step 3 - Provide visibility to occupants, regulators and tenants

Define who is able to access the information that your technicians/cleaners are recording. Anyone can simply scan a QR code that is attached to a space or an asset and see important information such as the last serviced time/date and other details.


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