Digital Twin Construction

Complex Work Sequencing & Delivery

Real-Time As-Built Documentation

Coordinated complex work sequencing, for scheduling field installation, logistics, commissioning and verification.
Your 3D BIM design seamlessly transformed with our real-time scheduling and mobile Service Twin® delivery.

Digital Twin Construction

Less Time, Fewer Issues

Traditional construction documentation creates drag on efficient and timely project completion.
Our Digital Twin construction processes simultaneously coordinate the physical and virtual twins, to complete projects faster, and with fewer time clash issues.

Introducing Service Twin®

Our new open-source app

BuiltSpace enables in-building location-based services for everything from construction processes and supply chain logistics, to operations & maintenance. We believe sharing is the key to fostering smart & healthy buildings, which is why we’ve made our Service Twin® App open source. Join us in following buildings through their entire lifecycle. From CapEx to OPEX, the BuiltSpace Service Twin® App ties it all together.

A Quality Digital Twin is a Valuable Asset

Efficient Operations & Maintenance

Let’s face it, stacks of cut sheets, RFIs, change orders and construction photos does little to help the building owner operate the building more cost efficiently.
Now you can simultaneously hand over a quality physical structure with it’s value enhanced by integrated Smart Building technologies and its own mobile-first, integrated digital Service Twin®.

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