Facility Operators

BuiltSpace equips your staff and contractors with tools to quickly document their work and what they know, so you know what was done, when, how and by who.

BuiltSpace provides you with:

How it Works

BuiltSpace is a service management platform that captures data from people performing work in your facilities by digitizing processes, such as preventative maintenance, inspections, work orders, or safety procedures and capturing and organizing that into permanent digital service records that are accessible from your phone or computer wherever you need it.

How BuiltSpace can transform the way your facility is managed:


1. A tenant calls to complain that it's too hot.
2. A new tech goes to site to try and figure out what's going on - they're lost.
3. After a few hours the tech discovers that the refrigerant on one HVAC unit is low and wonders whether it was checked or if there's a leak?
4. The tech refills the refrigerant and schedules to make a second trip in one week to check again. A second trip.

With BuiltSpace:

  • 1

    The tenant calls to complain that it is too hot.
  • 2

    You dispatch a service request and your contractor's new tech logs into BuiltSpace to check the service history and notices that the last tech filled it, so the tech knows there's a leak before he leaves the shop.
  • 3

    The tech goes to site, and gets to work on finding and fixing that leak. The job is done faster and in one trip.

Ensure everyone involved in the workflow saves time and is fully productive—this saves you money and translates to happy management and happy tenants.

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