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Health and Safety

Health and safety concerns have increased the need for proactive processes. Covid-19 is particular challenging to facility operators, who are on the front line of fighting the spread of the disease.

BuiltSpace offers facility operators and occupants real-time visibility into building health and safety.

Quickly identifying COVID-19 outbreaks

We partnered with LuminUltra Technologies Ltd. to integrate microbial testing and rapid (90 minutes) field qPCR testing technology within our service platform. Our strategy uses proven technology to identify COVID-19 outbreaks up to 5 very critical days faster than current clinical practice, with directed digital tracing.

What’s the value in this?

Our ability to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 is a direct result of our core capability to help service suppliers optimize their operations.
From the beginning, BuiltSpace has improved the security of workers with safety checklists that collects operational data for compliance and transparency.

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