How it works

BuiltSpace radically improves the performance of buildings and their assets by organizing the collective expertise of those who manage and maintain them.

Service Teams

Provide construction, engineering, commissioning, maintenance, repairs or other services for assets or facilities? Learn how you can streamline operations by
using BuiltSpace.

Facility Operators

Operate buildings, plants, properties, fleets, equipment or stores?
Learn how you can improve facility and maintenance efficiency
using BuiltSpace.

  • AJ
    Cost of maintenance at a facility can often be a product of how much the landlord does, or shifts to us to do. By using BuiltSpace, we get a more complete record of the total cost of that site.
    Operations Director, 70 Store US Retail Chain
  • Randy
    We have a record of what they have, and know what they have before our crew are even out there.
    Owner/Mechanical Contractor, Edmonton Alberta