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Aquila Environmental

Company Description

A Texas based energy efficiency lighting ESCO, that offers market leading finance solutions, which allow its clients to have zero monetary exposure, yet enjoy in the energy savings created day one.

Aquila Environmental was born at the intersection of 17 years of energy-efficient lighting experience and 100 plus collective years of integrated finance and investment management. To date, principals of Aquila have completed more then $70MM in energy-efficient lighting retrofits, and $1B in private investments. This is where energy consciousness meets innovative finance.

Aquila is woven from the fabric of what is known as a "stakeholder centric" model. Meaning, there is a way that two parties can enter into a transaction and equally share in the victory. The traditional mindset that there must be a "winner" and a "loser" on each side of a transaction does not hold water with us. Simply put, we offer long-term energy-efficient lighting solutions at no cost of capital or time to you.

Location (Head Office)

102-505 Pecan Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102