Privacy Policy

1. Commitment and Agreement
Protecting your personal information is our paramount concern. Without excellent privacy protection, our enterprise fails. Consequently, we are devoutly committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of any information you provide to us.
In this policy, the BuiltSpace software and the BuiltSpace website will collectively be called the “software”, the word “policy” means this policy and includes any amendments made to it from time to time, “User” means a user of the software and “Fellow Users” means other Users within the organization, building, structure, or space in which the User is a member.
In exchange for viewing and/or using our software, you agree: (1) our privacy policy contains all of the privacy terms governing your viewing or using our software and our website and our operation of them; and, (2) we can collect, store and use your personal information as described in this privacy policy.
We will own the Collected Information (defined below) and will not sell or share it unless permitted by this policy.
If you do not agree with these terms, you cannot view or use our software. If you agree at first but change your mind, you must immediately stop viewing or using our software. Any Collected Information you have given to us before you changed your mind will be kept by us and we will deal with it according to this policy.
If a User accesses another website or software supplied by someone else that is accessed through a link or other connection in our software, this policy will not apply to information provided to the other website or software supplier; instead their privacy policy(ies) will apply.

2. Purpose of Software
The purpose of our software is to digitally capture business processes (work product) related to the construction, operations, maintenance, and services delivery associated with the built environment, to create a healthy, safe and sustainable and resilient environment for future generations. For optimal use of the software to perform work product, information must be exchanged between the Users in collaboration.

3. How we collect your data
BuiltSpace collects information in three ways:
a) Provided directly by you or a partner company providing services to you, and
b) Automatically through your web browser or mobile application, relating to the location, and environmental conditions at the site of work product;
c) From IoT devices, beacons, building management system sensors and other computerized enterprise systems, through API integration.

4. What do we collect?
We collect “Collected Information” (meaning the personal information collected by us pursuant to this policy) and “Anonymous Information” (meaning information that cannot be connected to a User and that will be anonymized –that is, made anonymous to conceal the identity of the User – and comments from Users and visitors about the software) to allow us to operate, maintain, repair and upgrade the software, and to allow us to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your personal information. As part of the Collected Information, we may collect other information about you (see the discussion below about User Preferences and User Rejects) but you decide whether we can collect it or not.
From all Users we collect
a) the User’s name;
b) the User’s address, telephone number, e-mail address, and contacts as identified to BuiltSpace by the user in the course of creating work product, the User’s username on websites which they voluntarily disclose to us, and other information reasonably associated with that information;
c) the IP address of the computer from which the User accesses our software, the operating system and browser used by the User’s Computer and any Uniform Resource Locators (URL)’s associated with it and any cookies (for a definition of cookies and an explanation of what they do and how to manage them, please see and, if the User or visitor links to our program from another website or program, the address of that website or program;
d) service work product, as defined by the Subscriber, with start and end times when our software is accessed and duration of the work site visit;
e) location data of services performed by Users, in the course of their submitted work product;
f) a log of the buttons you click in the software, technical details about the use of the software and how it functions in response to clicks and other commands;
g) whatever writings and postings made in the software, as well as photographs, and audio/video media files chosen by the User, and including comments and complaints about its operation; and,
h) information about the building, structure, or space in which the User is a member through our software (the “Building”), the role of that User in the Building, the connections between the Building and other Buildings, the identity of other Users designated as “friends” by the User and the User’s designation as a “friend” by other Users in the account information of the other Users, the connections between the User and Fellow Users in the Building and Fellow Users in other Buildings, and the interactions and communications with those other Buildings and the Users in them and the identity of Users whom the User invites to use the software (“Building Info“);
From only those Users who give us their PRIOR APPROVAL to do so, we collect:
i) indications of which products and/or services are of interest to those Users (“User Preferences“) and which are not of interest to them (“User Rejects“).
From the person or persons who sign the Subscription Agreement, we collect:
j) the legal business name, full name, position/title, signature, phone number, billing address, Company address and payment and/or credit card information. Payment and/or credit card information is not maintained in the BuiltSpace platform and is not required to download our apps.

5. Why do we collect it and what do we do with it?
Collected Information is collected for the following purposes:
a) to protect the privacy and confidentiality of Collected Information and the Anonymous Information;
b) to administer, operate, maintain, improve and repair the software. This includes sending notices and information to Users about security matters and/or operating, maintaining, improving and repairing the software;
c) in the case of User Preferences, to understand which of the products or services are of interest to the User and to provide the Software User with information and, occasionally, advertising about those products or services;
d) in the case of User Preferences, on an anonymized basis only, to make the suppliers of the products and/or services aware that the User likes their goods or services and generally the number and type(s) of Users who like their goods and services;
e) in the case of User Rejects, to record the products or services which are not of interest to the User so we can, as best as reasonably possible, ensure the User does not receive information about those products or services. To accomplish the latter goal, we may need to identify the User and the associated User Rejects to the party who supplies those products or services to ensure the User does not receive information about those products or services. If we must identify the User for this purpose we will, as best as reasonably possible, ensure the recipient promises not to make any further use or sharing of information about the User;
f) in the case of Building Info, to aggregate the Collected Information and share it, when requested, with Fellow Users and, when requested, with the Organizations, Building or Buildings in which the User is a member;
g) also in the case of Building Info, to transmit, to the User, information from Fellow Users in the Building or in other Buildings;
h) please recall that the purpose of our software is to reduce consumption of energy, GHG emissions and other inputs in the Building and to make their use more efficient and sustainable. The Collected Information may be shared, on an anonymized basis, with suppliers of the energy and other resources and inputs, and with consultants who need the information to study the use of the energy and other resources and inputs and understand how to reduce their consumption and/or make their use more efficient and sustainable;
i) all Collected Information is stored on our servers (which may include cloud servers) in Canada.
j) Anonymous Information is used to determine use levels and characteristics of the software, to detect problems with it and to operate, maintain, improve and repair the software. Anonymous Information will include anonymized comments about the software.
k) When a User’s account is closed, personal data will be removed however, non-personal data created or modified previously entered will retain user, time, location and service activity completed in the course of employment while a user. We will keep a copy of the profile as a record of the User’s use of the Software and we will keep a copy of all posts, comments, etc., made by the User as a record of that activity. This information will be deleted from our records over time in accordance with our records retention and destruction policy/practices. All posts and comments made by the User will remain available to other Users and, in the case of public-facing pages, to the public.

6. Who do we share it with?
a) Except for Anonymous Information, Collected Information is not shared with anybody apart from those described in section5.
b) Anonymous Information will be shared with third parties to (a) operate, maintain, upgrade and repair the Software, (b) to encourage third parties to use our Software, (c) to encourage third parties to participate with us in ventures concerning the Software such as using the third party’s software and other services to operate, maintain, upgrade and repair the Software, (d) to encourage third parties to advertise on our Software, and (e) analytics.
c) User Preferences will be shared as described above in this policy.
d) Information about User Rejects is not shared with anyone except as described in 5(e).
e) To allow us to administer, operate, maintain, upgrade and repair the Software and to protect the Collected Information, we might share Collected Information with our affiliated companies and service/technical contractors. We will require these parties to agree to (1) protect and keep confidential any Collected Information it receives and (2) not use it for any purpose that would be contrary to this policy.
f) If our company merges with or is acquired by another company, the Collected Information will be shared with the merging or acquiring company. We will require the other company to (1) protect and keep confidential any Collected Information it receives and (2) not use it for any purpose that would be contrary to this policy. Unless you are notified to the contrary, this policy will apply after the merger or acquisition.
g) If required by law, court order, subpoena or similar authority, we will disclose the required part of the Collected Information to the authority that is lawfully entitled to receive it. If we are permitted by law, we will give you as much notice as we can of the requirement to disclose the Collected Information.

7. How do we secure it?
As best we can, we employ all contemporary best practices that our security consultants recommend to us. We will do our reasonable best to protect and keep confidential the Collected Information. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to eliminate all threats and risks to the confidentiality and privacy of the Collected Information. For specific details about the practices used, please contact us (contact information is in #10 below). We welcome your help in protecting your information so we are receptive to all suggestions or complaints which may help us better protect your Information.

8. How do you correct information about you?
Write us a letter, tell us what is incorrect and how to correct it, address it to our chief privacy officer and send it by e-mail or regular mail to the addresses listed in #10 below.

9. How can you remove information about you?
Write a letter to our chief privacy officer, tell us what information you want to have removed and send it by e-mail or regular mail to the addresses listed in #10 below. If we cannot oblige your request or if the information has already been erased or otherwise dispatched to the hereafter, we will let you know using the same communication means you used to contact us.

10. How can you contact us? or 510 – 1130 W. Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A4

11. How do we handle suggestions or objections and resolve complaints?
First, we will discuss the suggestion, objection or complaint with you to ensure we understand it.
Second, we will continue the discussion with you in the hopes of resolving it.
Third, if the discussion does not resolve the complaint and if we both agree, the issue will be mediated using the services and rules of the leading body of mediators in British Columbia.
Fourth, if steps 1-3 do not resolve the complaint, then the issue shall be litigated in the courts of British Columbia or, if we both agree, arbitrated in British Columbia.

12. How and when will we change this policy?
Minor changes will be posted to the website on which this policy is posted. You will not be notified of these minor changes. Minor changes will usually take effect as soon as they are made or whenever specified in the change itself.
Major changes will be posted in the same way and, if practicable, notice of them will be e-mailed to you. Major changes will take effect as soon as they are made or whenever specified in the change itself. If the change requires people to perform some action or cease doing something in response to the change, we will provide a reasonable time to allow people to start or stop whatever is affected.

13. Other
Our software and services are dynamic, and we often introduce new features, which may require the collection of new information. If we collect materially different personal data or materially change how we collect, use or share your data, we will notify you and may also modify this Privacy Policy.