Return to class everyday with confidence

Reduce anxiety, with better visibility into classrooms, and continuous monitoring of school and classroom health. Here is a simple, cost effective plan to help schools reopen, and parents get back to work.

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Return to class everyday with confidence

With our integrated #SafeSchools solution, schools will be regularly cleaned and tested to ensure that they will be the safest place for people to be. The combination of cleaning with verification through environmental microbial testing reduces anxiety but also raises the likelihood of catching new infections up to 5 days earlier than current symptomatic clinical testing.
BuiltSpace has partnered with LuminUltra, the world leader in rapid environmental testing for SARS-CoV-2, to keep classrooms safe and healthy. Together we are integrating proven technologies to address this urgent problem, BuiltSpace providing our SaaS digital services platform, proven over 10 years and 25,000 buildings, with LuminUltra’s expertise in environmental microbial testing technology worldwide.

With Smart Cleaning

When was my classroom last cleaned? Now you can know for sure.
Smart cleaning makes it easy to see, in real-time, the work done by your custodial staff, and share that information with teachers, students, parents and administrators. Detailed cleaning records are available in real-time, the very minute the cleaner leaves the space.
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Keep the Classroom Safe with Microbial Testing

The target is SARS-CoV-2. Find and eliminate the virus in classrooms and workplaces in order to protect people from the disease. Find SARS-CoV-2 early, in the environment, and you will prevent COVID-19 infections in people. It's that simple.
Your trained janitorial staff can use mobile rapid qPCR testing (the same used for clinical testing) to swab the desks, door handles, and other high touch surfaces. LuminUltra’s analytical procedures allow on-site reporting of the results in each classroom, in as little as one hour.

Cloud-Based Pandemic Management

Daily cleaning, with regular microbial testing, even once or twice a week, will make your classroom the safest place for students and teachers to be. Communicating those results in real time will reduce the stress for parents, administrators and health authorities.
In-class, from home, or across the entire school system, real-time visibility to these health and safety measures can be as simple as scanning a QR code in the classroom. Administrators and public health officials too can gain visibility across the entire campus or district. Visibility is the key to reduced anxiety.
Try it yourself by scanning the QR Code below:
Our SaaS platform enables cloud-based tracking of proactive building services including cleaning and microbial testing, that will ensure classrooms are safe, and keep them safe. An annual subscription for the platform starts at about $69 per month. Contact us below for volume pricing.
A clinical lab test for COVID-19 will cost about $100. Using the same technology and budget to test for SARS-CoV-2 will prevent infections while testing everyone within the classroom, and indirectly their families at home. It’s a game changer.

We can help you keep your classroom safe for less than $2/month.

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