For #SafeSchools, it's as easy as Clean+Test+Communicate

Return to class with confidence

Reduce anxiety, with better visibility into classrooms, and continuous monitoring of school and classroom health. Here is a simple, cost effective plan to help schools reopen, and parents get back to work. Schools will be regularly tested to ensure that they are the safest place for children to be, potentially catching possible outbreaks up to 5 days earlier than waiting for symptoms to appear, then clinical testing.


  1. Have your school subscribe to our #SafeSchools program. Purchase annual license (approximately $1/classroom/month)
  2. Have your school subscribe to our #SafeSchools program. Purchase annual license (approximately $1/classroom/month). Create a cleaning plan, copy/paste the classroom and common area spaces, and place a #SafeSchools QR code tag in each space. Download our free app, onto mobile phones. Have janitorial and teaching staff register on the #SafeSchools platform.
  3. Have janitorial staff document daily health, safety and cleaning activities in real-time. using simple our simple scan+clean+submit process.
  4. Communicate cleaning and disinfection activities to teachers, students, parents, board and regulators. Visibility to real-time cleaning reduces anxiety and increases productivity in class.


  1. Deploy LuminUltra mobile qPCR group (environmental) testing by trained janitorial staff, (with onsite results within 90 minutes). This process can provide early detection, up to 5 days ahead of symptomatic testing with qPCR lab testing.
  2. Reduce personal qPCR lab tests, and increase environmental testing to detect outbreaks in entire classroom cohorts. Get early detection to reduce the spread. Self isolate any cohorts testing positive. Clean and retest affected areas.
  3. Highly accurate environmental testing, on-site, without intrusive clinical swab tests.
  4. Test classrooms frequently, with delivered onsite. Put COVID-19 test results online for analysis and transparency. Let stakeholders know of outbreaks earlier, with on-site, one hour testing.


  1. (Optionally) have students, parents and visitors digitally check-in to each classroom so cohorts can be tracked.
  2. Document in-class health and safety concerns.
  3. Provide transparency and visibility to school facilities, parents and regulators, demonstrating proactive health and safety practices.
  4. Capture non-personal data about occupancy, cleaning and microbial testing so that schools can improve health & safety practices.
BuiltSpace can be deployed across an entire school, in classroom by teachers or janitorial staff, in a matter of hours. Our cleaning and communications platform is available by annual subscription, with 50 classroom license, for $69 per month. Please contact me directly for details on Covid-19 equipment, reagents, and training.