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BuiltSpace is your competitive advantage! Real-time digital service records, shared with your customers. Equipment-level costs. No paper!

Happier Customers and Bigger Profits

Imagine being able to show your customer, exactly when service on their asset was done, complete with proof that your service tech was there and precisely what was done. Think of the advantages you would gain over your competition when you can back up a quote with a detailed service history, including the cost to operate the equipment being quoted on, all created in seconds. Picture the trust that you will gain and how your business will grow. From getting paid up to 40 days sooner to quickly turning quotes into dollars, BuiltSpace is proven to increase profitability. Let us show you how.

How it Works

BuiltSpace is a service management platform that captures data from your technicians servicing equipment by digitizing processes, such as preventative maintenance, inspections, work orders, or safety procedures and capturing and organizing that into permanent digital service records that are accessible from your mobile device or computer wherever you need it.

How BuiltSpace can help you to overcome staffing challenges:


1. A key customer calls with a complaint.
2. The technician who usually takes care of that site, Alex, is on medical leave. You send one of your rookies, Joey, to the site.
3. Joey gets to the site, but has no idea what to do.
4. You spend 45 minutes digging through emails, reports and invoices so you can brief Joey.
5. Finally Joey can start investigating the issue. By now, a lot of time has been lost.

With BuiltSpace:

  • 1

    That customer calls with the complaint.
  • 2

    Alex is off, so you dispatch your rookie Joey to the site. Using BuiltSpace, Joey gets instant access to the right service records. He sees that Alex has been dealing with a persistent problem with a piece of equipment at that site.
  • 3

    Joey briefs the owner and proposes a replacement based on a repair costs analysis shown in BuiltSpace.
  • 4

    The owner agrees and Joey closes a new sale. An invoice is sent through BuiltSpace before Joey leaves the site.

Thanks to BuiltSpace, your technician now has more time to make you more money.

How can BuiltSpace provide you a competitive advantage?

A study of 2,300 work orders for HVAC contractors using BuiltSpace found a 17% reduction in labour hours per work order, with a corresponding 35% increase in average number of work orders completed each day. While the contractor actually increased their billable hours (revenues), their customers benefitted, with average savings, per work order, of approximately $100.

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