When was this classroom last cleaned and sanitized? Now you can know for sure.

Return to class with confidence

Connect your classroom in seconds.  Here’s a step by step guide.   The cost is about 69 cents per month per serviced space ($828/year for 100 spaces, by annual subscription).

Our app lets you document daily health, safety and cleaning activities, and share other in-classroom concerns.  Cleaners and facilities teams report real-time cleaning.  Give parents, board and regulators visibility to facilities services.

Quick Start

Free custom QR code design with minimum 250 order. Contact us for details.

Step 1

Go to our Amazon store to purchase our proactive cleaning assurance QR codes with annual subscription.

Our QR codes are available for expedited delivery at Amazon.com (USA) or Amazon.ca (Canada).

Step 2

Follow simple video instructions to create the buildings and add spaces to be serviced.  Use our standard cleaning procedures, or create your own cleaning specification.

Apply QR codes to serviced spaces and assets.

Step 3

Monitor cleaning across all spaces.  Review detailed inspections, standard reports, or create a public, interactive dashboard.

Provide visibility to school facilities, parents and regulators.  This example uses Microsoft PowerBI, with direct access to real-time data through our integration API.


Step 4

Provide visibility to occupants, regulators and parents.  They can simply scan the QR code to see last serviced time/date, and full service details.  Administration can monitor all classrooms, and all schools, by invitation.


Your entire school can be implemented in days.  Contact our team today.

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