The BuiltSpace Story

Our quest was to create digital versions of facilities so that people can measure their performance and work to improve how they function, but we realized that if you don't capture what people are doing, you won't get the whole picture of what those facilities look like in the real-world, so our journey continued.

In this pursuit, we added the ability to track what people do and how they organize themselves at work. BuiltSpace now collects and organizes data from energy, assets and the activities of people, so that you can see real-time data across your portfolio or down to an individual asset.

Building efficiency through collaboration

To track what is being done and gather all of this information in one place, our founder, Rick, realized that the process of data capture had to be easy, seamless and better than what was in use before, which was often a mix of paper forms, scraps of paper and various different software systems. He also realized that the system had to be used by everyone, or there would not be a complete picture - this is what became BuiltSpace, a platform to create digital buildings that can organize all of the data of your facilities and be used by everyone who you decide to let in.

The BuiltSpace Team

Our team is the heartbeat of BuiltSpace - each member of our team brings their unique mix of innovation and excellence.

BuiltSpace Careers

Looking for a career that challenges you, and offers the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology?