Service Twin

Introducing Service Twin

Our new open-source app

BuiltSpace enables in-building location services for everything from operations & maintenance, construction and supply chain logistics. We believe sharing is the key to fostering smart & healthy buildings. This is why we’ve made our Service Twin App open source. With this initiative, we’ve enabled our ecosystem of partners to plug into the BuiltSpace community and work together.

Real-time visibility to building health & services on your mobile device

The BuiltSpace Service Twin App connects everyone and everything at the point-of-service. Using QR codes and barcodes, every participant in a building’s life cycle can share, contribute and benefit from the BuiltSpace Service Twins.
Real-time services data is sent to the cloud as the work happens, and is immediately available for consumption by invited stakeholders, partners and clients using the full-fledged BuiltSpace open API.

Join The Service Twin Movement

We’re constantly adding to our rapidly growing list of partners who are working together to digitize the service chain.
Think your organization is a fit for the Service Twin Open Source initiative? Reach out to us via one of our contact forms, or by email at

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