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With verifiable point-of-service transactions


Easy dispatch and management of all your service requests


Save money by better understanding the per asset/equipment cost of maintenance

Community Asset Performance Management for More Sustainable Communities

Clean air, clean water, a habitable earth…assets that economists call the "natural commons", assets shared by all…simply can’t be managed by enterprise asset management systems.
Ten years ago BuiltSpace set out to directly tackle global climate change. We recognized that millions of buildings need to change, to quickly get to zero-emissions, and that means a completely different approach to solving what may be humanity's most pressing problem.
Our approach is simple. We give communities deep visibility into their built environment, with integrated proactive change management. By putting everything under a single pane of glass, with knowledge shared with those that need to know, communities can effectively manage the transition to zero-emissions..
Multi-site real estate or service portfolios, campuses, commercial districts, infrastructure assets, even entire cities can now be managed by an entirely new class of collaborative service and asset performance management, with integrated health, safety and real-time service transactions, and measured energy and GHG emissions.
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